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Fraternus Insignia


All men, especially in their younger years, need to hear and experience the approval and love of a father.  Through Fraternus insignia, men are able to affirm young men recognize them for their work and achievements.  This is not flattery or "everybody wins" nonsense, but a tangible means of affirming their true identity as sons of God.  

Click on "products" below to order, and refer to your Captain's Handbook or online resource page to review what insignia is needed.

Finance Officers are responsible for insignia ordering, unless delegated.  Your Chapter registration spreadsheet (emailed to Commanders at the beginning of the year) has information on Brother's ages and years in Fraternus, which can help understanding which insignia should be presented.  Make sure to review with your Captains the list in case some Brothers have unique situations or have fallen away.  (If they have - go get them!).

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